Keep your head above the water…Part two

Armed with loads of encouragement from women fellowships, books I have read, advice and all; I started my talk with Lolade as such: First of all, the report of your husband’s sperm count is not the last word, counting your period is just a number, so what after 14 years and your 168th period? God is not moved by numbers, at best continue to believe that with God nothing is impossible and if He has given you a revelation of your twins, hold on to that word and don’t lose faith. Of course, I needed to hear those words myself, the wait isn’t easy, it’s like waiting at the bus stop with a 96kg pack on your head and the bus is an hour late!

Secondly, God sure knows, He sees the pain in our hearts, the secret tears, aches and loneliness, He see it all! He just requires that once you believe that Christ died for you on the cross of Cavalry then discard all other negative thoughts, if He said it He will do it, just hold on to His word and you cannot miss it.

Your preparation shows you have conceived your babies in your spirit, believe that your body will line up in accordance to His truth which is His word, you are on the right track by speaking the word, keep doing so as by doing this you are fixing your eyes on Jesus only and staying focused on your covenant rights. I feel your pain, as I know what you are going through, when it gets this bad, allow the Spirit of God to minister healing to your wounded soul and then praise Him; worship Him as well for who He is to you.

I have read all sorts and come to the belief that all you need to do is to just believe, as simple as that! Believe against all odds, the diagnosis, your feelings and thoughts, facts by doctors. Remove your eyes from all these and focus on Jesus and His finished work on the cross; so that all your preparation will not be dead works but a conviction of your expected end.

Yes I know it is really hard in the natural but honestly you have done all you can do in the natural and what is left to be done is what God alone can do and He will do it. Having done all the above, the prayers, fasting, stop and start giving praise more for you will receive your answers in due course, just thank God that He is working it out, don’t fret your lovely head with questions like how and when He will do it, just thank Him that He is working it out.

Never forget, you are the apple of God’s eyes, and if an earthly father will not give his child stone when he asks for bread then be rest assured that as God’s child and princess He is always faithful to His word to perform it. Allow His peace to flood you and fill you with tranquillity.

The last thing I told Lolade was,’ just believe that with God nothing is impossible, think of it this way, if God could give you Jesus, then there is nothing in this world that you could ever ask or think of that He will withhold from you. Selah

Needless to say, we both learnt a lot and looked forward to such a lovely time together snorts, tears, warts and all!

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