Handling the joys of others….

ImagePhoto from Morguefile.com

Kate’s home church is a closely knit small church in Abuja and she loves her Pastors dearly. She is a worker and is involved in a lot of activities until she got married. Marriage was great, she had met the man of her dreams and a Christian as well, so there was no hesitation when he popped the question and they were married. It was great news when she got pregnant three months in and all was dandy! Until a black day came and she had a miscarriage; it was fast and swift before she knew it she had lost her baby. Recovery was smooth and soon after they were given the go ahead to try again.

They have been trying to conceive ever since she had the miscarriage just over five years ago, she started noticing that about eight women have become married and  all eight of them have become pregnant and given birth within a year of being married. In addition there have been three other pregnancies from those who already have children and one single mother. Taking all these in was overwhelming for her; and just when she feels she is over the feeling another announcement pops up on the church bulletin and she is plunged back into a deep pool of overwhelming grief.

All these got to a climax and she found herself crying home anytime she came to church. Kate feels humiliated and passed over by God. To makes matters worse she notices little things like how many women have children and how many left who don’t have and she got sadder to notice that most of those who don’t have are singles. She feels so bitter and distressed wondering why God has abandoned her and neglected her pleas and prayers.

How do we know God hears us and His plan for our lives is of good and not evil? I believe we need to know God hears us and He aches to remove all the pain and bitterness from our lives. I believe He wipes away our tears and He wants us to know how much He loves us. We are more than conquerors in Him and it is all in His plan for us to have healthy children, which we will carry with no stress or form of complications to full-term. He will anoint us with His strength, peace and power. In His word He promised to make us joyful mothers of children. God will not take back what He had promised. All we need do is focus on the Messiah, who is our Lord Jesus Christ and you bet that He is alive!

Romans 10:13 says that “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”. The idea is to call on Jesus’ name and watch His anointing release deliverance, healing, protection and prosperity, to make you whole, to make us happy too!

It can be painful for a woman trying to conceive when rejoicing with friends who get pregnant; it can crush your heart to carry the lovely bundles when they are born and snuggle the baby close to your heart and say a prayer that you want this joy. However, it should not be malicious or bitter in anyway. As much as it aches to hear about their news, sincerely rejoice with them as God orders us to rejoice especially when some mothers can be so insensitive and whine about how physically draining it is to take care of a child when all you want to do is be in their position.

You can do stuff like helping out when you can so you can play with the babies more, it will be difficult at first but you will eventually get rid of all hurt and bitterness as you will be doing something you love to do and at the same time helping out a friend thus showing love and service.

The first time I did this, I was so afraid that I would cry and be sad,but once there I was filled with love and longing for babies of my own, however, I am convinced and certain that God loves us equally. We need to be fulfilled in His love and be strong and courageous. Church should not be missed cause of some sadness, praise God more while your heart aches, after all what can separate us from the love of God? I tell you….NOTHING!



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