Trust me I’m a Doctor…Part Two


Dora had a good job, so money wasn’t her problem, she had a good home too, her husband ran his own photography business and all was peachy. However, they had just one challenge; they have been TTC for 10 years and had gone to great lengths to achieve this. Like bait attracts fish, I guess her need was so great she attracted all sorts of people to her predicament. Five years into their marriage she was introduced to a specialist who was acclaimed to be the generation x specialist in fertility treatment. She told her husband about this excitedly and they both booked an appointment to see the fertility expert.

Dr. Omolomo’s office was not the regular kind of clinic you have around; rather than ooze the class and ‘techy’ flair acclaimed, it looked like a lone quiet clinic with just the Doctor and two nurses and it was in the least expected part of town unlike those fancy ones you see out there. The minute they stepped in and registered, she felt uneasy, so much she had to step out and call her Pastor explaining were they were and how she was feeling. He prayed for her and told her to go along prayerfully with the Doctor. They met him and everything moved so fast, with his ‘high tech gadget’, he was able to detect fibroids which he immediately slated a surgery for, this he said was to enable them move on to IVF.

They did the surgery, everything went on smoothly except for a time Dora fainted while the Doctor appeared from nowhere saying he was monitoring her from a CCTV in his office. They were discharged and soon after called to start their IVF, nothing out of the ordinary was given to her. Just some pills, and on enquiry, the Doctor said she didn’t need those injections as the medications he was giving her was more up to date. Egg retrieval came and right there in his office, he put a large syringe in her tummy and sucked out some liquid which Doctor Omolomo claimed was her eggs! The husband was asked to produce semen and a week later, they were called to put back the gametes, this he did by putting another big syringe into her uterus.

Two weeks passed and they had another visit with the Doctor where blood tests were done and the Doctor proclaimed they were pregnant. Their joy knew no bounds as they both danced and cried rejoicing and praising God’s name. The Doctor then proceeded to give them instructions not to visit any other hospital but his own throughout her pregnancy. This they followed to the letter until after about five months of constant visit; Dora told the husband she wasn’t feeling pregnant, her tummy was getting bigger but she had not felt she had a being in her womb; she had other signs of pregnancy like the fatigue, nausea, hunger and frequent urination. Something in her didn’t feel right and though they had another ante natal due that week, she decided to go get a scan done in another hospital.

She was devastated to see and hear the words of the Ultrasound Technician saying, “Ma’am, you are not pregnant as no gestational sac nor foetus is found in your womb”. She took the result of the scan straight to her husband who broke down and they both cried in great sorrow. The day of their next visit came and armed with the scan result, they went back to Dr. Omolomo, who did another scan for them showing a foetus in his own scan and even the sound of a baby’s heart beat! After the scan, he noticed the coldness and sadness in their eyes and asked what the matter was. At this point they gave him their own scan result and the Doctor to their shock and utter disbelief, he dropped his head in shame, couldn’t look them in the eye and begged for forgiveness, while promising to refund all moneys siphoned from them. They quietly left his office and has not looked back since.

You would expect that  the couple would get the Doctor arrested knowing that he will not stop this wicked act, but no, they claimed they wanted no trouble which is understandable, given the situation in their country.  How do we bring such people to justice? How come the people who come out alive from such experiences never want to press charges or go public? Why is the issue of fertility seen as a shameful state and thus everyone hides to take treatments detrimental to their health and even on rare occasions loss of lives? Where are the governing bodies? Is such a man under any governing body who can protect would be victims? What are your thoughts? Do share!



*TTC-Trying to conceive


2 thoughts on “Trust me I’m a Doctor…Part Two

  1. This is such a sad situation and I feel really sad for them. It is Nigeria’s perception of the issue of fertility that needs to change otherwise such fraud will be perpetuated. I don’t blame them for not being able to go public with it as this is a sensitive topic and their hearts must have been broken from knowing that the child that they were expecting had never been there in the first place. I would have taped one of those fake sessions and blurred their faces except that of the fake doctor and sent it to every media outlet. I would like to think that if they reported this to the police this man would be arrested and subsequently be sentenced in court. Even if the police and the courts fail to provide justice, the public shame from the media outlets alone will hopefully deter any couple with fertility issues from going to a fake doctor.

  2. i really feel this couple’s pain..i know they wouldn’t want complications after but is it not better the doctor is exposed?..that way he won’t have the opportunity to do that next time….
    the issue of fertility,yea…nigerian really do need to change their views..i know of people who has committed suicide because of infertility

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