Is God angry with me?

 Most often times, Emmanuelle feels a battle brewing inside of her. The battle is whether God was angry with her or not. The whole time, she continuously heard a still small voice telling her, “No, God isn’t angry with you dear”. However, that voice was drowned by the bigger voice of fear, which she absorbed in from the system. The system tells you that the reason you are not to fulfilled in one area of your life is due to the fact that God is punishing you for something you did in your past. This was a great burden, as it isn’t a reverent fear of God, but a fear in every other thing.

 She was so afraid God was out to get her when she slipped up that she was always tensed, trying to do her best to live right and act right.  This made things worse for her as she became depressed and border line suicidal. His word says to confess our sins, and He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and at the same time cleansing us from all unrighteousness. Instead of having anxiety attacks everyday trying to do right, it is best we trust in the Lord Jesus to aid us to do right and shut the bad voices out!

 When you keep making everyday about you and not God, you will keep making the same mistakes over and over again. None of the works of our hands can deliver us only His grace does that. If Jesus wasn’t angry with the woman caught in adultery but saved her life from her attackers by showing her love and forgiveness; then He will do same for you. Human beings, through their attitude portray God as a vengeful God but we need to realise that when Jesus died for us, Grace came in and said “all is forgiven”. God is not angry with us nor is He out to get us. The reality is when we fail, we should pick up ourselves and ask for forgiveness, then try again! The King is not angry with you nor out to get you for you are not under His wrath but in His favour!  So, I say rejoice!


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