Mother’s Day Blues..




What do you do when you don’t have children yet and you have to go to church on Mother’s day? For years, Titi avoided church on Mother’s day because her mum died on that day and since she doesn’t have children yet, a lot of the women gave insensitive comments. They said things like, “This time next year, you will be celebrating Mother’s day with your own children and they said this every year, others will give advice like why don’t you try and adopt, I am praying for you, have you considered IVF, what is your Doctor’s diagnosis. Oh! For want of a better day to bombard someone with insensitive questions! So, to shun these insensitive comments that were said mostly by the women from her church, she decided it was best for her to stay at home.  While at home, all she does was cry and beat herself up; this is detrimental to anyone’s health.

We all need to get over this feeling of being attacked by ‘insensitive’ people because when one looks at it, they never really meant to be insensitive in the first place, most of them say these things out of ignorance, innocence and real empathy. All we need do is gently explain to whoever, be it your church members, friends or in laws the way you feel when they say these things to you. This will free you to exercise your faith believing that God will give you your heart’s desire. One more thing you can do is use mother’s day to go shopping for your baby items, shopping does a woman a whole lot of good…lol…so why don’t you use the opportunity to buy cute things for your baby or babies as you desire and have fun this mother’s day?  See yourself on this day as God sees you, as mothers already, because His will for us is to be fruitful and multiply. If you look through God’s eyes, you will see yourself as He sees you-fruitful, pregnant, and whatever good thing you want to see of yourself. I pray God will give you the boldness to face Mother’s day with joy as you embrace it as your own day, because you are a mother! You are indeed one day closer to your miracle. Happy Mother’s day people!



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