Your bedding…



The weather has been so hot regardless of the rains. I hear people say they sweat a lot through the night even as there has been no electricity! In the light of this, do you know that wet and damp fibre allows disease causing bacteria and fungi to grow in your mattress and pillows?  

How often do you put out and air your mattress and Pillows? It’s advisable to take your mattress to air, at least once a month, to prevent mattress odour & fungal growth in the mattress from all forms of body fluid that sips into the mattress while you sleep.

The same goes for your pillows. I hear on Style Network that if you have a big freezer, put your pillows in there for about an hour to remove mites, dust and bacteria. Removing and stripping the mattress of your sheets every so often and allowing it to breath is also a good way of elongating your mattress life.

So why don’t you go on and try it and see how fresh your sleep abode will feel and smell!  I almost forgot, it is important that while you are at it, do turn your mattress to the other side every three months, this helps prevent your mattress from taking a dent from your body weight and shape on one side only.

Contact me if you need lovely sheets and Duvets as you see in the picture above.(wink)


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