Lola has been battling with a lot in her mind lately; she wonders where her belief to try IVF starts and her faith in God ends. She does not want to do anything outside the will of God and would love to have her own Kids before she turns 50. A lot of women in her church are not helping with their tale of woes on trusting God fully and not faltering till the very end. Some say it is the worst decision ever to try IVF while others believe spending so much for just one procedure that will not guarantee children is a waste of finances that can be used to further the gospel of truth! My question is, when God has provided this science to give women the hope of having children, how long does one have to wait before trying it out without being over spiritual about it? Let me shift to the case of Shola, Shola didn’t get married on time and remained a virgin until the age of 46 when she finally got married. Before then, she had been having hot flushes and all signs which she never knew where menopause symptoms, they started trying immediately for children and they gave themselves three years to try before going to do IVF, on getting to the IVF Clinic at age 49, the doctors said she was already menopausal and chances where slims, you can trust that all sorts were tried but today she is 60 years old, her husband who wanted children as well left and she is thinking of adoption to fill that ache of motherhood in her heart. When is it okay as a single woman to seek IVF/Artificial insemination as a way of having children before the time clock stops ticking all together? Anyways, this topic will be kept in the oven for another day!

Why won’t a married woman be given the chance at carrying her own child early in life but rather be termed as not having the faith to wait like Sarah, has anyone stopped to consider that the situation in Sarah’s time is totally different from what we have in our day and age; can someone ask God for wisdom before ruining someone else’s life?!!! At her time, women lived to be 400 years, thus at 90 years or a 100 years, she is still considered to be very young hot and sexy?!! Old age has changed since then, we say a 60 year old is getting old, heck even a 45 year old woman is considered old!!

What do I think about this? Please go ahead with IVF if you have settled this within yourself and with God, IT IS NOT A SIN! As long as you believe only God gives children and see IVF as a tool, then the sky is the limit! Learn every word that God says about your situation and speak the word as you go along in whatever procedure you choose. There is no such thing as God saying only a few people will have children on earth, if you so desire, you will. Pray about it and believe that God will make everything work together for your good and your miracle will happen. I also agree it is capital intensive and very emotional, personally, I know a lot of folks fear the injections, but with prayers it is certainly something to consider and give it try now on in future , while you pray, giving thanks that you take delivery of your babies (having faith it will happen naturally). God grant us all wisdom in our peculiar situations. God save us from ‘holier than thou friends’ too!! J


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