How not to be another Shola…

Remember the Lady I talked about earlier? Shola(not real name) Who waited patiently for the promise…not everyone’s story turns out like that anyway. Some have happy endings; however please take caution with my views below:

  1. If you are clocking 40 years of age and still single you might want to visit the ob/gyn for a full check up of “pipes” and crevices down there J
  2. Consider freezing your eggs at a younger age if you are not ready yet or haven’t found ‘the one’, this will help a whole lot if the one comes late or never and you have eggs to fall back on, trust me, you will be glad you did.
  3. It is not a sin to consider artificial insemination in such peculiar cases, especially when it comes to the clock ticking-tick tock….can you hear it?
  4. Believe me, I do understand how tasking it is to be a single mother and raise a child (not from experience though) but wouldn’t you rather have someone call you mummy who will be there in later years if your ‘the one’ never comes around?
  5. As long as you cannot find it anywhere in the bible where it says do not freeze your eggs, your God is a loving God, speak to Him and He will definitely guide you on this-GO DO IT!!!!
  6. As a word of caution, not every pastor will agree that you have a child out of wedlock, but this will be a case of the pastor judging you against what the society says rather than what God is saying.
  7. What is God saying? How will you know if you do not read His word and meditate on it? Reading His word and prayer is key, please do so at all times
  8. Please note that these are just the thoughts of a woman like you somewhere in one corner of the world and thus not tested, tried or researched. They are views and you DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW IT!!!
  9. Again, see a good ob/gyn asap when you feel the time clock is ticking and get yourself checked, do a pap smear, a scan to check your uterus and ovaries and I hear there is this test you can do to test quality/quantity of eggs? Not sure, but will research this and get back to you guys
  10. Fill free to add to this or let me have your views. After all, we are there to edify and support each other. Shalom

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