I needed to digress a little for this wonderful person-Adenike Ogungbe. I met this lovely lady in August 2010 when I called her last minute to do my make-up for an important event, being the CEO of Ewar Make-overs, she was so friendly and nice on phone and promised to be at my house pronto on agreed date.


On my D-day she was on time and I didn’t need to call her and follow up like I do other people, she came herself to my house and she was so pleasant and sweet. She loved everything about me as she kept giving me compliments, so much that all the butterflies I had and tension before the event flew away as we talked and gisted while she worked.


Needless to say, her finished product as she dolled me up was spectacular and it was and has been my best make up yet as you can see on my profile(she did that make up). She was a very lovely lady in and out. I am privileged to have known her. I find it hard to believe you are gone Nike, you had a golden heart! You didn’t deserve to go now, you left too soon, how I wish you could come back! But in your life, you left a legacy, trained people, loved them, nurtured and was their mentor, a lot of women have a means of livelihood because of you. You are simply an angel!


I pray God our Healer and Comforter, grant your family grace too bear your loss! You died giving life to your little one at Childbirth, I bet this your little angel will grow up to be like you! Rest in peace dear one. Love you lots!!! Sun re o!!



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