Is she your mother? Issues of weight and infertility

I had a wonderful day with a good friend some months back and we went shopping later on in the day. We went into a shop and she was trying out cloths when another shopper saw our banter smiled and asked my friend who is a year older than me, ‘is she your mother?’. I froze…almost burst into tears, I was sad and became distant and wanted nothing more than to get out of the shop; yea we all smiled at the silly statement from the clueless lady but I did not try any cloths as I didn’t want to undress in front of any of them.


The picture shows me and my friend who was called my daughter! LoL!!

Loads of other people have commented on my ‘weight’ over the years; my Doctor told me to lose some wight as I was way above BMI, however, I had no issues with my blood sugar, neither was my cholesterol high! According to her, I am as strong and healthy as ever, except for my BMI. The Doctor said the irony was that she just saw a skinny lady before me who had so many complications and would give anything to be as healthy as I was. I give God glory for that, as I do not take this for granted. I went out one day with hubby and someone said,’Alfa ru ijo sanra’, it means the congregation is getting fatter while the Pastor is losing weight’. I laughed it off at the time but it hurt.

Thus I decided to do it, like my friend called it, drop it for life! Yes, as we speak I have reduced my food portions! And I am doing my exercises(though stressful I must say) but  I am moving on without fail, God help me.

This brings me to weight and fertility. I have heard from good sources that for some people actually being over weight can cause infertility issues. So, if you are on the big side, do get your self checked to ascertain of your weight is not the issue here. If you have a BMI of above 28, your chances of getting pregnant is greatly reduced.

A friend told me recently that she was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), one of the more common causes of infertility in Nigeria today according to a Gynecologist, this she said was connected to her gaining and subsequently not being able to lose weight. In other words, the very thing that is causing fertility problems for her may also be why she is having trouble losing weight or maintaining a healthy BMI.

I am sure there are other things associated with weight and fertility, feel free to share so everyone can learn. First things first is to calculate your bmi, I use my fitness pal to do this, so you can join here and use there resources – – I can assure you that you will enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong folks, I still believe that big is sexy and fabulous!!!


**Picture here is my friend Ayo, the sexy diva!!!




2 thoughts on “Is she your mother? Issues of weight and infertility

  1. The lady in the store was clueless or blind but probably both. I can’t for the life of me figure out who would have been the mother and who would have been the daughter you look the same age.

    I’ve heard the same thing about BMI but my doctor said up to 30 doesn’t make much of a difference. I am on a break from fertility treatments until I can get mine under 32 though.

    • LoL! Yea she was! I feel you dear! And yes, there has been a lot of school of thought to the BMI thing. The best is to eat healthy and stay active and feel good about yourself. Thanks for reading my blog.

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