There goes the weight…

I just got back from church in the morning and my sister kept hounding me to weigh in! I was petrified, I didn’t want to cause the last time I did this last year, I didn’t lose anything after a week, and I was going to the gym then. Something in me was saying you didn’t go to the gym and you want to lose weight? How?

She brought out the scale and I grudgingly climbed the scale and guess what she read?! I am 4kg less! I screamed!!! And she said no, let’s weigh again and it was same even said it wasn’t exactly 4kg less, but she approx to the next high number! Just last Saturday, I weighed, I was shocked at how I got there!!! So today at 4kg less, I’m elated, encouraged, excited, happy that I decided to start this!


What did I do? Cut down my food portion and exercise! At first, the exercise was killing, I couldn’t do more than 10-15mins, but yesterday, I did an hour and nineteen minutes! (Cardio and strength). With good motivation from Olu Aijotan, I know the sky is the limit.

I actually feel good, have more energy and workouts are getting less strenuous! Come join me! Your babies will thank you. A Gynaecologist once cut through my heart by saying, rather insensitive, that how would you get pregnant with so much weight and I wasnt even this big then. Your body will thank you too! All the fatigue, aches here and there and depression will be lifted. Here’s to my favourite artist of all time -Monique! You inspire me… l look at this picture every day and I say to myself if she did it, so I can I!


2 thoughts on “There goes the weight…

  1. You GO girl! Im so proud of you. Do you know 4kg is almost 8lbs? Loads of people TRY to lose 4kg in a YEAR!

    A little advice though, avoid weighing yourself in the afternoon or night, you’re always heavier then. The most accurate in my experience is first thing in the morning. Try it and tell me what you notice. You know how to reach me…

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