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And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 1 Corinthians 13:2 NKJV

That said, let’s talk guys. I hear this said a lot, Nigerians are strong and don’t have the white people’s sickness! The term ‘white people’s sickness’ referring to psychological issues, psychiatric issues, emotional issues, depression and what have you. I am saying here now as a matter of fact that you are all dead wrong.


Depression and all these are here in Nigeria affecting people and it is a pity most are not informed or aware that we have doctors and experts in this field waiting to jump into action when contacted. The phrase ‘ seeing a shrink’ is alien to loads of Nigerians; however I say wake up and smell the stench, our government need to be more conscious of this and create awareness of availabilities of this institutions.

Depression is fast killing people in Nigeria and a lot of people do not even know they have it, or even know it is treatable. Nigeria is no longer the happiest place in the world nor her people the happiest people, sadly, we have lost that title; suicide, abuse both physical and emotional is on an alarming increase. We have qualified shrinks that you can book appointments to see by just doing little research.

Children are being abused as the norm in Nigeria, parents claim it is part of training not knowing they are damaging these kids who end up growing up being a menace to the society, they end up with hate instead of love and we can avoid this by just knowing we have social welfare in most of our local governments where such things can be reported. Even going to the ministry of women affairs in your state to enquire goes a long way and they will help you.


There are loads of stories out there…a 70 year old sexually molesting a six year old, a mother “cussing” her child and hating the child for the wrong doing of the father towards her. The woman is obviously damaged and needs help, if only she realises this and does so, then the world will be a better place. It is far from it to believe you are selling out a friend by guiding her towards these institutions, rather, believe you are saving a life.


What is Nigeria too doing? How can people be more aware of these things put in place? Most of these welfare offices are stagnant as no one goes there, most are not doing what they are actually set up for, and they settle marital disputes instead of helping troubled people find medical help to their issues. They need re-orientation, they need awareness, they need to be put in the face of the public so when such injustices are seen anywhere, one can easily call them to step in. This can easily be done by Government, Governor Fashola succeeded in branding the emergency numbers in our heads with many adverts on this, and they should try doing the same for these agencies.

As for you in 2014, how do you show love to your fellow Nigerian? (Love the term fellow… lol) It is by being your brother’s keeper. Pray for grace to love. When you have supernatural power to love another human being, then you will go all out to help. Report these cases; let them get to the appropriate agencies. If everything is taken to the Police, a lot will be swept under the carpet as the Police are themselves not equipped to deal with such things as depression, abuse etc. The Police should also be sensitised to bring such cases to the appropriate office whether the parties involved like it or not, such cases should be well documented and followed up, then we know the system works!!

We can build a nation of love in Nigeria, it is not late, charity begins at home, and it starts with you. As for me, in my own little way, when I hear such, I have a data bank of officials, shrinks that I send around when I hear of such cases, like the dettol advert says, in my own edition, If I don’t do it, who will?



One thought on “GRACE TO LOVE…

  1. AMEN!!!!!

    I am particular about the depression bit!!! As someone who has suffered from and overcome depression I can say its really amazing how everyone turns a blind eye to the scourge. I got no support, no help…my pastor just said to confess the word. As a committed Christian I know the place of the word in healing, but sometimes you just need to know there is someone you can talk to. Someone you can trust that won’t use your story as tomorrows sermon or water cooler joke. I got help both from my doctor and from God. I don’t think I should have suffered so long ..if only there were options.

    Could we all get our heads out of the sand? Get educated, not everyone is silent and introspective by nature, it’s not nature that that lady flies off the handle so easily, it’s not nature that make that sister difficult to get close to, it’s definitely not nature that makes that lady lie down with any chap that will buy her a drink….these could be warning signs of a larger problem. Stop! Talk! Let’s air our laundry (in wisdom) so we can have a chance at healing.

    Will we wait for a Sandy Hook type massacre to happen here before we wake up?

    We all know the battle is in our minds…so why do we allow brothers and sisters suffer alone?

    Modupe…..please keep saying this things until we all hear, and be the Jesus we all need in each others lives. Like Modupe says, it starts with genuine love….! Please love us…please love you…please love them!

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