Last year was a great year for Lamide, but according to her it could have been a better one if she had gotten pregnant with her twins. I share her story with you all today. It is a great testimony of God’s grace.


Lamide underwent IVF in August and it failed. She decided not to go for IVF again. The whole procedure was a bad emotional roller coaster,’ she says (you can say that again). The IVF Blues came and went. We kept talking through it all as I knew she needed the emotional support, and month after month, we spoke she would tell me when the red dragon* surfaces, sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh about it and just let go.

I went to church one day and Pastor spoke about us fixing our eyes on Jesus, I shared this with her and she told me about a lady who gave a great testimony at the Redeemed Camp who waited twenty years and just had triplets. She said amidst tears the lady told her story of several IVF treatments, miscarriages, two stillbirths and when she was 45 years she just gave up and let it all go. She wanted to live rather than die of heartbreak. And suddenly, God appeared for her when she didn’t even have her mind set on it. She came with two adorable girls and one boy-HER TRIPLETS!!


Lamide never stopped talking about her embryo transfer; she still believed she had two babies in her. However, with help and prayers she let go and let God. She threw out all her remaining IVF treatment and immersed herself in work and church. Apart from the occasional regrets that the IVF hospital didn’t call her back for follow up and all, we never really dwelt on it.

Her hubby decided to surprise her with a wonderful Christmas holiday to get over all the stress of the year and rejuvenate, which she told me was swell, great bonding and couple time (wink wink). They had God time too, prayed and handed the whole issue to God and that was it. Of course they came with pictures to show they had fun and loads of shopping which was like great medicine for Lamide. Which girl won’t love all that spoiling!!!


 They got back the first week in January and work started, we were all busy and all, never really had time to talk until I spoke to her just last week and she said her period had started again with the usual delay tactics. I told her to put her mind off it, and over the weekend we chatted over BBM and I asked if the red dragon* had arrived, she said no, and I jokingly told her to take a home pregnancy test, she said she was just not ready for another late period craziness and trepidation nor fret over it.

So we left it at that until she sent me a picture this morning stating – would you be my God mother? I didn’t get it until we spoke later and she told me the home test was positive! Amidst the screams she was able to chip in the gist of how she decided to stop by the pharmacy and buy a digital pregnancy test kit, which she used in the office and she found out that she was indeed pregnant. The kit told her she was 4.5 weeks pregnant and counting back it was around the time they went for their vacation, we both giggled as we said almost together, ‘vacation paid off indeed!!’


Now how wonderful God can be all the time? He made all things beautiful in His time for her. No one knows yet, so I am honoured she gave me permission to share this here, though I am not using her real name anyway…lol…God heard her in all areas He saw the tears the hurt the pain of the IVF and He gave her a perfect gift just at the time she let go.


When you let go and let God, He takes the lead and blesses you with more than you can ever imagine. Now, I see my God as this perfect Gentleman who won’t barge into your life until you allow Him in. Never run your life as if you can, just let go and God will take the lead and bless you with blessings you cannot begin to think or imagine.

Lamide has been in this race for 11 years now, God was waiting for her to let go and the moment she did, He held her hands and is leading the way to fruitfulness. I love this story in this month of 2014, as He has promised, UPGRADE has begun! To Lamide’s little one, of course I will be your Godmother, if I won’t be your God mother, who will?! LoL WINK WINK!!


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