How did your IVF go? Adebisi’s beginning…


If you ask Adebisi she will tell you IVF is not something she wishes on her enemy. She gave me a recount of what happened to her during her procedure nothing extra ordinary you might say but to those who have been there and done that, it is extra ordinary indeed.

IVF was suggested after our second year marriage seeing a doctor in Ikeja then, I thought he was speaking Greek as like a typical Nigerian Christian I rejected everything reject-able, permit the word! We waited another year and I got anxious and couldn’t wait to get started when a friend did hers and it was a success. I was thrown aback when I got a large carton of syringes, needs and injections, as I dread needles, I literally started having heart palpitations as my husband noticing my trepidation patted my hands during the injection training which I went through in a fog.

Truthfully IVF was the last thing I felt would be associated with me, I couldn’t even see myself having my name and IVF in a sentence, but after trying all sorts, opening my private part to different doctors and enough pokes here and there, feeling raped by their instruments and gadgets I just resign myself to getting excited about the treatment as finally I felt we were moving forward and closer to our goal to be parents.

I read a lot on the IVF procedure but nothing prepared me for the emotional roller coaster and pain, yes pain, they won’t tell you that at the fancy clinics but get ready!! The first day we started the drugs and hubby said a prayer, I was so bold at mixing up the shots etc, got the swabs ready and all, and it was time to give! I started crying, first it was sobs, then some audible cries which turned to a full blown wail, I was bawling with snorts and all, thank God we started 15minutes before time as you had to get the timing right. We went through the motion of hubby comforting me to encouraging me and then a quick decision that he will administer the injections which I quickly agreed to and it was given on time amidst screams and gnashing of teeth. I kept talking to God, you didn’t promise me this much pain, or stress or sadness. Fruitfulness is surely much better than what we were experiencing here Lord, don’t even get me started on the expenses of the procedure and the medications.


This physical part of the IVF quickly became a routine for me, apart from the soreness and a few itch on the injection area, which turned to ‘areas’ as injections were added, as if that was not enough; dealing with the emotional highs and lows that accompanied the treatment was a great challenge for me, I was battered emotionally by the injections, and carried around the very heavy feeling of dejection that I couldn’t explain. All I could do was ask for grace…

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “How did your IVF go? Adebisi’s beginning…

  1. OMG! I have tears in my eyes, and fear in my heart! I’m praying, LORD please HELP ME!!! Then I think of you and my friends who have gone through and are going through IVF! All I can say is that the LORD will satisfy you and give you a quiver full of kids, in Jesus’ name!

    This is a really eye opening blog. Every woman should read it, not just for education, but so we know how to comfort and pray with each other.

    …hmmm…it is well.

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