How did your IVF go? Couple bonding… Adebisi – waiting to take off…


Speaking with Adebisi was exciting as you literarily follow her motions as she gesticulates about her experiences during her IVF procedure. I felt like I was in a movie or present as she spoke….

As the injections progressed, you were to come in for regular checks to take a look at your ovaries and the follicles developing. Going to work normally was tough for me and I had to take a few days off work at one point when I was told to increase dosage as they were not getting expected results. Besides I was just too tired of inventing or fabricating lies to avoid telling anyone I was doing IVF, so I came out to my boss and he allowed me go on an unscheduled leave for three weeks of which I am grateful.

My hubby was my solid rock and pillar as never before were we brought ‘so closer’, the bonding helped a lot as he understood what I was going through even with the pressure of his work and all. Since I loved talking he was a good listener to everything affecting me, all side effects which he wrote down so he could mention in our next doctor’s visit. I was grateful for this as most people say they get a lot of quarrels and a general lack of togetherness at this trying period.


Injections were getting to an end and we were given a last injection to take the night before egg retrieval this will help ripen the eggs and get follicles ready for retrieval. Trepidation started the next day which was the day for egg retrieval as the Doctor explained the procedure and also certain risks and dangers of the procedure. It riled me that he was telling me that and also got me trembling in fear so I spoke the word to relax my nerves and give me peace.


Inside the egg retrieval room, I was sedated though I was still talking gibberish, that made the Doctor and nurses laugh while my husband too was there holding my hands to comfort me. Of course, all the gadgets went in and egg retrieval was successful with 12 eggs collected, in a muddled haze I was taking into a recovery room so the anesthesia could wear out. My Doctor was shocked at the number of eggs, he said for my age and all he didn’t believe the number. The IVF Doctors got to work fertilizing my eggs retrieved with my husband’s sperms previously collected and left to fertilize over a period of hours. Fertilized eggs are called embryos and we got 8 that survived the day 5 stipulation, this wait to see how many eggs would survive was stressful and full of anxiety again, we prayed together, gave each other good solace and encouragement until the day 5 we were called to come over for embryo transfer where two good quality embryos of the lot was transferred into my uterus.


As if all the nerve racking waits were not enough, after embryo transfer, we were asked to go about our normal lives as we wait for two weeks to ascertain whether the treatment had worked. It was the hardest part of the entire IVF cycle and it tested our faith and love for each other. My husband was a solid rock, I bless God for him, without him I do not know how I would have survived the two weeks which I counted in seconds, minutes, hours, with each breath, perspiration, days and all. I wasn’t the best person to live with at this time but he understood it was hormones and not me.


I kept thinking what was going on in my body; I spoke the word over my womb every time some doubt or tension came up. I had nightmares of all sorts, woke up in the night to pray and bind and loose! I went back to work and it was a welcome distraction but my boss who was so understanding, did not give me too much work, all I did kept me busy and I thought less of the IVF thus tension and stress reduced. Over the weekend though was a totally different ball game!! Every waking moment seemed like an eternity especially Saturdays that I lazed around the house, I could literarily hear the clock’s tick tock, it seemed like an eternity. The first weekend I just want to sleep through out and wake up on the 14th day in the hospital facing the Doctor for my result. LoL!! Yea IT WAS THAT Bad!!!


To be continued…

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