SART: Preparing for IVF: Emotional Considerations


I went searching for answers on emotional health of couples undergoing IVF and I came across this site which I know has great articles that can help-THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE-see link below. They were kind enough to give me permission to use their article.

You cannot begin to imagine how emotionally tasking the process is and how depressing. Most people fall into depression and end up with a shrink. I hope this helps a lot of people and I hope you get more stuff to use on their website.

Some of what couples discuss when going through the trying times of TTC include:

1. Feeling of being punished by God

2. Overwhelming sadness and constant crying or rage; some even have a burst of envy for other parents

3. Feeling of shame which makes most couples hide and withdraw into a shell

4. Emotional eating and thus becoming overweight

5. Insanity in rare cases

6. Criminal tendencies i.e kidnapping or stealing or purchasing a baby via illegal means

The list is endless, please see someone when you feel these and more. Feel free to share how you feel in the comments page and help could be made available if you so desire. Remember, you are not alone.

I would like to say thank you to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine for allowing me use this article. Please enjoy.


SART: Preparing for IVF: Emotional Considerations.




*TTC- Trying to conceive

*IVF – In vitro Fertilization

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