Funny things happen as they say…

You have counted the time of your ovulation and you are looking forward to it and all of a sudden, the office sends your hubby on an out of station work, or a day before you remembered he killed your pet rat and an argument ensued and the next day-D day, your ovulation… both of you are still not talking to one another to even remember.

For some,it is the day a terrible headache starts, a flu, malaria and all what not, and you had to see your GP for medications before you know it Ovulation has ended. You missed your chance!! I know…lol… it happens to me too! What do you do? Be wary of such things and pray, if need be, fast!… as when you hear other people’s story you will shudder at how a simple thing as meeting on your ovulation day became disastrous…

Someone asked, are we under attack? As something always seems to happen at the time I’m ovulating to keep my husband and I apart, work or sickness or visitors. Well, while my first inclination is to say, Yes. I will say no, for no “weapons” formed against us will prosper. All the plans of the enemy will be turned around for our good, ovulation or not, God is still in the business of making babies.

So though it is possible for Satan to block a husband and wife from coming together at the right time every month, I believe God has greater power to thwart such machinations. SO, WE ARE NOT UNDER ATTACK but PROTECTED BY GRACE. We will succeed in Jesus name!!!

One thought on “UNDER ATTACK?

  1. I laughed out loud when I read the intro, but this is serious oh! May NOTHING hinder our ovulation plans again oh! Grace Lord, Grace!!!

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