It was a long road getting here as I got married in the year 1990 and waited for the fruit of the womb all these years in anxiety, despair, anguish, and disappointments. I had battles here and there, my in laws wanted my husband to marry another wife, and so I decided to act, get a solution and also pray. Needless to say, we did the usual series of tests both at home and abroad and when work finally took hubby to the States years later we started our series of IVF only by the best all to no avail but I was glad we were out of Nigeria as the pressure reduced.

Looking back all our results where perfect, Doctors called it unexplained infertility, I called it an attack of the enemy. I got to a stage of desperation and depression when we got a visitor from Nigeria who had also been waiting and wanted to come buy baby stuff before her due date. She looked rosy with her belly, she was beautiful and I coveted the pregnancy, she told me her baby was a miracle, a gift from God after being treated and prayed for by a Pastor’s wife in the eastern part of Nigeria who is also a medical doctor. This brought me renewed hope and I snapped out of depression. We both went round buying baby stuff which as usual I bought stuff for my own baby as I believe I am an expectant mother.

She would have loved to give birth in the US but the Pastor’s wife insisted she gets back to Nigeria on her due date and deliver in her hospital. This she willingly did not dispute as after all without this woman she might never have gotten pregnant. She did her shopping and went back, apart from the delay in her due date as she went when she thought she was in labor but the Pastor Doctor told her it was not her time, she delivered a bouncing baby girl and it was such a great party which hubby and I came all the way to attend.
Since I was in Nigeria and held this bouncing cute bundle of joy, I was convinced to see the Doctor myself. I felt safe in that she was a Christian and a medical doctor and I saw she had results. An appointment was booked and she told us with her, if we get treated here, we will carry our baby in Nine months more or less. I was excited and started the treated, she gave injections both for my hubby and I including extra stock we took to the States as we returned home and administered the medications.
Lo and behold I got pregnant, since my period ceased, home pregnancy test didn’t pick it as it said negative so I did three trips to see her for scans and she confirmed I was indeed pregnant, these scans I saw and I could see my bundle of joy coupled with the fact that subsequently my tummy was growing beautifully until the issue of delivery came up, I naturally wanted to have my child in the US which is where I live and she vehemently disagreed and insisted on the birth in her hospital. I never thought anytime I returned to the states to see a Gynecologist here so I got back to the US and booked an appointment with my Gynecologist, who was pleasantly surprised at my tummy, she asked how far gone and I told her six months.
Naturally she did a scan and it was the longest scan ever…she prodded and searched and looked nothing was in the womb, I was confused myself as just weeks back I could see the baby in my womb and also hear the heart beat of my son, she looked at me and asked how I got pregnant and when I told her the story, she broke it to me that I was not pregnant and this was a case of child trafficking which she will be forced to report. The next thing I remembered was London bridges falling down as I fell and fainted thank God for the bed behind me. My husband was called and the news broken to him as well, while I was admitted to run tests to ascertain why I was having pregnancy symptoms with no baby in the womb.
My husband reported the case and FBI got involved who contacted Nigeria and the case is ongoing. Painfully for me, the Pastor’s wife is on the run. We paid her N3Million for this baby, or should I say no baby. My friend too has gone into hiding as she introduced me, she doesn’t want her baby to be taken from her as she says our cases are different. Tell me is her baby being born a miracle testimony or a confession of crime? I want to know…..


  1. OMG! I am totally speachless… this is NO testimony it is 100% CRIME. OMG. How many has she gotten away with? Are we so blinded for our ‘miracle’ that we are seduced by lying spirits? God help us His Church. Thanks for sharing sis.

  2. This is a really sad incident; it is however disappointing how some people take advantage of others when they are in need for their own monetary benefits, not thinking or caring about their emotions. I pray that the Lord provide the writer with her heart’s desire and mines too. Please see it as lesson leant and know and believe that God is never late, he is always on time. Remain blessed.

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